Launched by Telecommunications and Computer engineers with 20+ years of combined experience in digital marketing, software development, smart systems and Telecom solutions, BEST SMS BULK quickly emerged as a Leader in Digital solutions. Our professional services include but are not limited to SMS Marketing, Digital Marketing, Applications and Websites development, Specialized applications development, GPS tracking and Smart Systems applications. BEST SMS BULK main product is a robust Business Intelligence platform capable of combining all the marketing features you can imagine including Identity Management. This product is under a continuous daily development. BEST SMS BULK is part of PROXIREACH S.A.R.L. PROXIREACH S.A.R.L is a Lebanese Limited Liability Company with registration # 2051987.

BSB services

Full support

Our engineers and technical team can serve you anytime and at any place in Lebanon or remotely for noon-Lebanese customers.


We make sure to meet all deadlines since we know how frustrating delays are.


We provide a full life time warranty on all our products and services.